Secret life of pet

 Illumination studio released the teaser of their new cg movie, it's look very interesting.

Angel Stone Cinematic

is an action cinematic, quality look good and the style is not realistic (rendering yes, but animation timing not )

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

     New Assassin's Creed series is releasing soon, the background of the story is about the industrial revolution on London I have collected some trailer and game-play footage of it. I'm not part of the team to develop this game, but i'm appreciate all the team, they are working hard on this baby. I have pre-ordered the game on steam. give them some support and love if you like this game :) 
I'm waiting to see this game showing on E3


CyberConnect2 released a new 2d very appeal animation

It hvae combine the idea with fighting game, it’s awesome

Pixel Modeling Tool- “ Quicle 2.0”

Have a new software released it' focusing on 3d Pixel modelling, the artist can create a 3d model way like Minecraft .

if you like Pixel modeling.

Big news for Lightwave user - LWBrush

The company 3rd powers have released a new video of their new plug-in for Autodesk Lightwave.
LW brush is very helpful for 3D artist for character sculpting and also handy for Rigger to create blendshape.

Final fantasy XV new PV released

Square Enix the famous brand : Final fantasy have released a new PV, it have showed the power of their own engine.
animation for final fantasy is fully mocap, except the creature. this time they have mentioned is an “Open World” game so player will have freedom to navigate the world.
As what we know final fantasy cinematic is never disappointing their fanz, it’s high quality rendering and animation, the only we know is SquareEnix is focusing the US market so the gameplay is  ingratiating more like action game. (us what we know RPG is very hard in US market )
## video Link on the picture##

As the video released 3 months ago it presented some in-game footage, those creatures motion are amazing !
## video Link on the picture##